Cold Porcelain Recipe 1. Gather ingredients ¾ cup white glue... January 10 2012

Cold Porcelain Recipe

1. Gather ingredients

¾ cup white glue (Elmer’s) 

1 cup cornstarch 

1 tablespoon baby oil 

1 tablespoon witchhazel or lemon juice (to prevent molding) 

tin foil 

wax paper 

2. Line pot with tin foil (unless you have some cookware you don’t mind getting messy). Combine all ingredients in pot. I alternated between glue and cornstarch, this makes mixing a bit easier. 

3. Cook on low heat stirring constantly. When dough ball forms remove from heat and allow it to cool (until it is comfortable to touch). Knead the ball. 

4. Put down a piece of wax paper and build like you would with any molding material. Sometime building with small coils or “snake-like” shapes makes it easier to get a stronger structure. If the clay feels dry brush it with water and if it is too sticky add a bit of cornstarch. 

5. Once your sculptures are done allow them time to dry before painting. This clay shrinks when the moisture leaves it, if you paint it before it is dry there will be cracking. You can paint it with acrylic or watercolor. You can also seal if you desire when you are done.