Better Believe We Are Weaving! First take a paper plate (this is... January 24 2012

 Better Believe We Are Weaving!


First take a paper plate (this is what I used it just has a strange texture) or piece of cardboard. Cut it down to size and cute a hole in the center.

 Then cut slits or little triangles space them equal from one another. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ODD NUMBER OF STRINGS!!! or your weave wont work. The more strings = the more detail/time.  The smaller the string = the more patience required.

So! for little hands I would recommend very few strings and larger yarn or cut pieces of fabric.

Feed the string (to make the spider web) from one rung to the next traveling through the center hole. Until you travel all the way around then tie the two opposite ends of string together.


Then you can start Over -Under -Over -Under until you reach your desired stopping point.

Then you have a choice to take it off the loom you created or have that be part of your final product.

I choose to cut mine off. To finish the weave, I tied the loose strings gentley to partner string and trimmed the ends.


Bonus! Doubles as a Cat Hat.