Steps To Your Very Own Crayon Masterpiece 1. Gather supplies... January 05 2012

Steps To Your Very Own Crayon Masterpiece 

1. Gather supplies


painting surface (cardboard, wood, or just plain old trusty paper)

glue / puff paint (optional)

pencil sharpener


2. Break up the crayon anyway you would like. It’s fun to have all different shapes and sizes. Keep in mind- the bigger the pieces are the harder it is to melt them. Using a pencil sharpener is an easy way to do this quickly!

3. This step is optional! If you would like to control where your melty pieces go. You can build a little wall with glue or puff paint. 

4. Take your crayon pieces and go wild! Don’t be too controlling here once things melt they have a mind of there own.

5. Carefully move your artwork into a warm area. This glues down the little tiny pieces. 

6. HEAT IT UP! You can use a hairdryer for this part. OR- Depending on the materials you used you can pop it in the oven with a little help (for very short periods of time) monitor it closely.