Caturday… err… Saturday Want to make some “poms?” That’s the name... April 01 2012

Caturday… err… Saturday 

Want to make some “poms?”  That’s the name I’ve coined for cute creatures made out of homemade pom poms. All you really need is yarn.

Some other optional supplies are thread, bobby pins for legs, felt for ears, and I made the eyes/nose out of dabs of dried paint that I put on butcher paper. I added some detail to the eyes once the black paint was dry but! goggly eyes are always a good option. My pom was modeled after my good friends beloved cat, Pumpkin. But! You can take this anywhere. 

First you make poms poms. I used this tutorial. Then I wrapped the bobby pins in thread that I dipped in Elmers.  The rest is pretty self explanatory. I attached everything by sewing to the pom pom but glue works too! POMS AWAY!