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Alondra the Passionate August 26 2015

Happy Women's Equality Day!

This day in 1971, was declared Women's Equality Day. This day was marked the anniversery of the passage of the 19th Amendment which gave the women the right to vote, and was a major legal change to getting closer to universal civil rights. Of course, a lot of people didn't love the amendment, and it only won by one vote. Women were still treated as second class citizens no matter what happened to the law. However, today, We celebrate!


Let's highlight this AWESOME woman:

Alondra De la Parra!


Alondra del la Parra is the most passionate composer on the block. She leaps and prances. She smiles and sways. Her passion flows from her like a waterfall. It's amazing! Younger kids, around 5 to 7, tend to get really obsessed with a certain thing. It could be dinosaurs, ballerinas, and super heros. The sort of passion that Alondra has is similar to the intensity of a child. That is very rare in adults. Being an adult is stressful. Adults sometimes loose that spark. 

Being a kid is great. Appreciate it for as long as possible. Is there something that you are so passionate about, you can't contain your excitement? An artist? A sport? An animal? It can be anything really. (OUTSIDE VOICE is passionate about giving kids the inspiration to go out and create).

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