Artist Spotlight: Yuko Shimizu September 17 2015

Yuko Shimizu is an amazing Japanese editorial and advertising Illustrator living in New York City. She is also a teacher at the School of Visual Arts. Illustration wasn't her original career path. She first worked in advertising and marketing for 11 years while figuring out what she really wanted to do. In 1999, she moved to NYC to study art as SVA. In 2003 she graduated with an MFA and has been illustrating since. 

Yuko has had work in Target ads, on GAP shirts, Pepsi cans, Penguin Books, DC comics, and other major brands. She shares a name with the creator of Hello Kitty, and hates being confused for her.

What is really interesting about Yuko is her process. She records her entire process from wild sketches convaying the concept to the inking stage to the finished designed product.

Here is the process for an editorial illustration project for soccer magazine 8by8.

She uses a bamboo brush and black india ink to do all of the traditional work and then she goes in with photoshop to color the images.


Here is the process of another one of her works for the New York Times.

What a delightful style! Do you use ink and and brush techniques? Would you like to try? Show us what you make!

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