Kaleidome! September 10 2015

This is the Kaleidomelocated in a local park in Hong Kong. It is a public art display by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation for “Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale 2015′′. It was created by LAAB designs and architecture firm which is composed of architects, artists, and engineers that have won crazy amounts of awards and have done TED talks. They are a brilliant set of people who are bringing making and building together with design. Normally public art projects are designed then outsourced to a builder, and they are changing the game.

The Kaleidome encourages people to look and go inside the structure, but most public art can't be touched. Kids can climb and play in it if they want. Looking into the structure's walls creates a kaleidoscope effect using the reflected images of the world around it. 

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The process of making the Kaleidome was very meticulous. A computer program was created to stitch together all 262 laser-cut pieces together with 22 individual shapes. 

How cool! Do you enjoy kaleidoscopes? Do you have an idea of what your surrounds would look like pieced together like in a kaleidoscope? Show us or tell us all about it.

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