Weird Wednesday: Misaki Kawai September 09 2015

Misaki Kawai is a fun loving Japanese artist with success in the United States who uses any media she can find for her installations. Her paintings are simply done, and crazy colorful. Her father was an architect and amateur painter, and her mother made puppets. She dislikes classical art and uses an anime method called "heta-uma" that "risks amateur aesthetics by embracing basic expression".


Below is Misaki posing with one of her interactive sculptures. She often makes large animal blobs with long fur, and makes combs for the visitor to comb through the fur.

The best for last:

All images and Work Copyright Misaki Kawai

At OUTSIDE VOICE we love her use of low-fi materials to make fine art. She uses whatever she can find and techinques that people learn when they are as young as 5. Her installations are easily made, and maybe you can make something as weird a Misaki! Papier-mâché, markers, and patience is all you need. Share your creations with OUTSIDE VOICE!

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