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Sculpey Jewelry

Most art is made by things accessible to the artist. This sculpey has been sitting around for a little over ten years, and I haven't used it in a long time. Surprisingly, it's still good! Sculpey is a specific brand of polymer clay used for various projects such as small sculptures, hardware, and I have even heard of people using it as a setting for stones. As long as you keep the polymer clay in an air tight bag, it won't dry up. When you need it, take it out, and make something cool!


  • 1 to 4 colors of Sculpey or any other brand of polymer clay
  • Needles for making holes in the beads
  • Thread
  • Wax paper to protect your work surface
  • Oven
  • Old Cookie sheet
  • A flat notebook for shaping
  • A wooden skewer
  • String or a chain for your beads


Step 1

Put a piece of wax paper on your work surface to keep the table clean. Choose your clay colors. I ended up using White, Black, Blue, Pink, and Orange.


     Step 2

    Make your first bead. I decided this bead should be a simple sphere by balling up the clay and rolling it around on the surface with the palm of my hand. Pairing simple beads with complicated beads creates contrast. 


    Step 3

    Polymer clay is cool because you can mix the colors easily, so I mixed some of the black and white to make a gray color. Then I added it to more white, but instead of fully mixing it, I marbled the clay. That is when you get two colors and fold them together a few times so they layer with interesting swirls.

    This is my finished piece of marbling.


    Step 4

    To make the sides more even, I used a piece of thread to cut the clay. If you use thread instead of a knife, it prevents the clay from pinching at the ends.


    Step 5

    Now we are going to make holes in the beads so they can go through your string or chain. I used a skewer for the longer bead, so I could roll the bead out on the skewer. For smaller beads use the needles. Don't forget to put a piece of thread in the needle, so if the needle gets lost in the clay you can easily take it out.


    Step 6

    After the longer bead was taken off the skewer, it still had uneven edges. I used the thread to cut the edges off again. Then, I curved the bead into a smile shape so it would hang at the bottom of the necklace. You will see it in another picture


    Step 7

    Next was a geometric bead to balance out the round beads. I used the table and a note book to push the bead flat on different sides.


    Step 8

    I made another blue bead, but covered it in small bits of orange. Then I rolled it on the work surface with the palm of my hand to make it spherical again.


    Step 9

    Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and put your beads on the cookie sheet. I ended up making little beads with the bits of marbling I cut off. Bake the beads for 15 minutes for every 1/4 of an inch thick they are. The little beads were baked for 15 minutes while my blue, pink, and large marbled bead baked for 30 minutes. 

    After Baking.


    Step 10

    Now string your beads on your chain or thread, and you have a Necklace! I am wearing mine now.


    Thanks for sticking around. Remember, you can make any kind of beads you wish. Dinosaurs, fish, leaves, and your favorite food can be easily sculpted into a bead. Show us your beaded masterpieces on Facebook or Instagram!

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