Quick Cover August 11 2015

Asuka Watanabe is a Japanese artist who works on illustrations, flyer designs, pamphlet designs, and logo designs. She has a vast body of work that's very interesting. Today we're focusing on this piece that contains a ton of mock covers. 

Covers are what draws you to an unknown book or magazine that you know nothing about. It has about five seconds to jump out at you and grab your attention. 

In this little exercise we want to draw as many quick covers as we can. It's not about the quality, but about the quantity. Grab a piece of paper, and draw as many rectangles as you can. In each rectangle draw a different image layout that you think would be interesting. The one snag is you have to set a time limit on how long you can take on these. So, set a timer for one minute, and draw, draw, draw!

See how she got a variety of different images? She might have some reoccurring elements, but they're all different. 



Here is an old example I did of various cover sketches. Remember, don't focus on how good it is, just focus on how many you can make. Show all your amazing results on our Facebook page.