That Illustrator Life Yo August 13 2015

Mathilde Vangheluwe, an illustrator, creates autobiographical comics about being an illustrator. Autobiographical comics means that the comics are about herself. Being an Illustrator is harder work than it seems. People don't take the job seriously, and drawing all day to get paid is a hard thing to explain to people who work normal desk jobs. 

However, Illustration is a real job. It is a compliment to graphic design, but it isn't the same. Normally a graphic designer will choose an illustrator to design around, or works best with the graphic designer's style. Sometimes the illustrator will choose the graphic designer. The industry works for whomever is most popular. The farther up on the totem pole you are, the more creative decisions you get to make.

Nope, Mathilde Vangheluwe is just an illustrator. Although, people can be both an illustrator and a graphic designer (like me!). Graphic designer and illustrator are two different professions.

We look up to Mathilde Vangheluwe, but Mathilde looks up to Valentine Gallardo, a hard working comic artist.

Here are Mathilde's other works done for clients:


Wow, she is AMAZING! She uses mostly pencils and colored pencils. Can you make an autobiographical comic about your life? If you do make sure and tag us on instagram or share it on facebook! We want to see your creations.



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