Life Like the Movies: How Tuesday August 04 2015

Earlier today, we learned about 1980's movie posters, and how they are put together.

Now let's practice making a movie poster, but for your life! You are the main character, and put you favorite places, people, or moments in the movie poster. A good vacation, and your school may be some of the places to put in your movie poster. You can include your friends, family, and pets as the characters. You can even make up your own movie title and plot with your poster, and if you have a story with it feel free to share with us.

How to make your own 1980's Movie Poster


1. Pencil, pen, and any sort of coloring materials

2. Paper


1. I am going to make up my own Movie that is based off of my life with me being the main character. I decided to put myself in the middle of the page. One of my enemies will be up in the corner. He is played by my friend and co-blogger, Carlos.

2. I decided the next villain would be Ron, who is the founder of Outside Voice. I titled my movie Paper Cut because it's something that I deal with on a regular basis.


3. I added my alien gear, and wardrobe. I also casted my dogs as my good guy comrades, and made up my own space ship. It is a tank combined with a sci-fi space ship. My Character scraped it together with some old Earth Parts.


4. This is when I start the inking process. You don't have to go this far, but I was having a pretty good time making up my life-movie. When I ink, I add little details to make things more realistic and interesting.


5. I added more black to Mimi, because her fur is black


6. I inked Carlos, and started to ink my super cool space ship. I added some lines to the background to suggest movement, and light beams.


7. Done! I decided to give the typography some cool effects.


8. The Final copy! I erased all of my pencil marks, and cleaned up the lines.


WHAMO! You made it to the end. Now you have to do one yourself. Let me remind you that I am a trained professional adult lady, and yours will look completely different from mine. Please share your own 80's movie poster with us at:

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