WORD WARS August 07 2015


Julien Deswaef coded a program that goes through the New York Times every day to find news that relates to war. Then the stories are shortened to three or four paragraphs and animated to look like the opening "crawl" from Star Wars.

"Crawl" is a word to describe the movement of the camera over the words. This movement is slow, and adds depth to the paragraphs symbolizing the passage of time. The text would always be a prologue to the movie to catch the viewer up with where the movie left off.

For the first Star Wars movie, the "crawl" was created with a 2 foot by 6 foot paper with the words painted in yellow on a black background. Then the camera would slowly move down the page to give the words motion. Now, they can use programs such as Adobe After Effects to do these simple animations.

Just think about other things that would pair well with this effect. Is there something funny you can say? Maybe a short synopsis of your day, or a dramatic short tale. If you set up a small piece of paper, and use your phone or parent's phone to film the "crawl" tell us about it!

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