Life Like the Movies August 04 2015

Movie Posters can be simple, and well designed, or Layered and well designed. A lot of classic illustrated movie posters feature varying sizes, and collages of different scenes from the movie. Normally the characters were cropped out without backgrounds then blown up or shrunken down based on importance or because it looks awesome. This method was most used in the 80's with films like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The posters normally had the main characters painted large and featured vignettes (small illustrations without definite borders) for props, or significant places throughout the movie. This way of making posters applies for covers of modern comics, books, or any sort of storytelling medium.


Here are some prime examples of the classic movie poster set up.

Super Mario Bros

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Poster is a perfect example of 80's Movie Poster Art. There is a tattoo parlor, a villain, and of course, the main characters. There are little vignettes of scenes, and character everywhere! Although, this isn't the best movie. The only good thing to come out of it was the cool poster.


Star Wars

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 The Star Wars poster is also a prime example of 80's Illustrated movie posters.


Indiana Jones

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See how they all work, and quilt scenes and characters together? This method was popularized by Drew Stuzan. Go check out his other movie works!

Tune in later today for our demonstration to make your own 1980's inspired movie poster!

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