An Object at Rest August 10 2015

An Object at Rest from Seth Boyden on Vimeo.


“An Object at Rest” by Seth Boyden explores the rock cycle in a new way by giving a mountain facial features, a set of disappearing limbs, and a conscious! The animation may not be completely scientific, but it is a creative take on how our world changes. A large mountain can be changed over time by humans, wind, and water. Humans have made the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time with the tools we have created and innovated since our existence. We walk over the sand at the beach, and construction workers clear land to put down the foundation of a house. Think about how you impact the land, and how you have made Earth different by existing in it.

Try to impact the Earth, but in a way that won’t harm it. Making a rock sculpture or growing a garden are some fun ways to help the Earth be more beautiful.

Thank you Earth for existing!

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