Geology Meets Street Art by Paige Smith July 23 2015

Paige Smith is an installation artist who frequently looks to earth sciences for inspiration. She makes her own geodes into specific urban and natural locations. What are geodes? Have a look. Smith makes her geodes out of paper or resin. 

"Always interested in geology, Smith started to notice the nooks and crannies in the sides of buildings, walls, and abandoned phone booths within her community of the Historical Arts District (in Los Angeles). Seeing this as an opportunity to create, Smith took street-art to a whole new level" - Paige Smith Artist Statement

You too can put your own paper art where the world needs a bit of touching up. Place an origami animal or post drawings in a public space for others to find. Share your public art on our facebook page.

Check out Paige's handiwork:


Here is a video of Paige making some of her geodes.

The Making of an Urban Geode from Gregory Francis Tuzin on Vimeo.