Stuff Collages by Bernard Pras July 17 2015

Bernard Pras is an artist who takes everyday objects, and transforms them into works of art. He collages these items, and takes photographs from a certain angle to create a portrait, or recreate an existing work of art. 

You can do this at home using some of your stuff, like toys, paper, books, coins, school supplies, and much more. Set-up these items in a way that you like, then take a photo from the correct angle, and show us what you've made. You can also take photos of the items from a different angle, to see how these items look from a different perspective. Share your work on our Facebook page.



Our old friend, Dali.

Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

Hokusai's "The Great Wave of Kanagawa".


See how he creates his work.