Use Your Outside Voice: What is ARTtv? February 25 2015

Let's encourage kids to GO MAKE ART! Join us on our mission to fund ARTtv: a wildly imaginative web series that provides quality arts inspiration to kids and families. Help us encourage the next generation of makers, creators, artists, and rock stars!

What is ARTtv?

ARTtv is the ultimate creative resource for families!

Each episode will offer inspiration and guidance -- teaching kids about art and the creative process. We want to encourage exploration, creativity, and create a community where young artists feel inspired and can share their work.

Why ARTtv?

Four years ago we started OUTSIDE VOICE as a community where kids can connect with their creative side. Arts funding is getting cut from schools. Art matters for all of us. So, how do we get our kids the inspiration and courage they need to grow as critical-thinkers and creators?

The answer is ARTtv. We will give families access to inspiration and a creative community.

What does ARTtv look like?

Each episode will explore a creative discipline or concept—such as music, color or perspective. Genuine kids will anchor the show, taking us through projects, animations, songs, conversations and more! 

How can you help?

We are midway through our crowdfunding campaign. Head over to our indiegogo page to read more about our project and to make a contribution that will put us closer to providing ARTtv to your family. We have some amazing and creative perks for our backers including opportunities to hang out with some of the most creative minds in Austin!

And please help us spread the word!  We know that ARTtv will be life-changing for the creative families in your life:

Let’s #jumpstARTtv!