Use Your Outside Voice: Visual Puns! February 18 2015 1 Comment

This week we are playing with language and learning about visual puns. Hang out and learn about them, then create your own and share your work with the community.

Learn: What are Visual Puns?

A Van Go

A pun is the use of a word that has multiple meanings or sounds similar to other words. Puns tend to be funny because they’re surprising and offer a different meaning to a word or phrase than the one normally intended.

For example: Male deer have buck teeth.

When a new hive is done the bees have a house swarming party.

A visual pun lets you do the same thing using images. Words are symbols; they represent ideas or images. Visual puns let us offer a surprising play on words while only using images.

Create: Let’s get punny!


  • Paper
  • Pencils, markers, or paint
  • (Or you can make a collage using magazine clippings and glue)

Step 1: Decide on your pun. One way to start brainstorming puns is to think about words that sound similar to other words like: see and sea, dear and deer, ate and eight. Also think about words that have multiple meanings like buck, rose, or right.

Step 2: Pick images to represent your pun.  

Pop Art

Step 3: That’s it! Share your work with the OV community. Amaze your family and friends with your new visual puns… but watch out, they might start calling you The Pun-isher.

Take pictures of your new visual pun and post them to Instagram with the hashtag #ovvisualpun or add them to the thread about this post on our Facebook page for a chance to be featured in our photo stream or on our website.

Happy creating!

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