Use Your Outside Voice: Co-Drawing! February 04 2015 1 Comment

Let’s co-draw this week! Find a friend to draw with, have fun making art together, and then share your creation with the community.

Learn: What is co-drawing?

Co-drawing is a fun way to make collaborative art. Each person takes a turn adding to a single drawing. It’s a great way to build closeness and have fun making something together.

Create: Let’s draw!


  • Paper
  • Friend or family member
  • Two or more pens/pencils

Step 1: Let one person start drawing until they feel like stopping. You can start with a theme like monsters or animals, or decide that anything goes!

Step 2: Pass the drawing to the next person who then adds his or her own touches to the creation before passing it back.


Step 3: That’s it! Keep passing the drawing back and forth and stop when it feels done. Look over your new creation and see how you worked together to make one original work of art. Make copies for friends or frame it and put it on display.

Now, show the world what you can do! Take pictures of your new masterpiece and post them to Instagram  with the hashtag #ovdrawingclub or add them to the thread about this post on our Facebook page for a chance to be featured in our photo stream or on our website. 

Happy creating!

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