Use Your Outside Voice: Forced Perspective Fun January 28 2015 2 Comments

Welcome to the first post in our new series! Join us here every Wednesday as we reveal a cool way to make something/do something/see the world.

This week we are playing with forced perspective. Hang out and learn all about it and then share your work with the community.


LEARN: What is forced perspective?


Things aren’t always as they seem. Our eyes help us to understand the world around us, but they can be tricked. Our two eyes working together create depth perception and the ability to discern where objects are in relation to each other. However, our cameras don’t see the world the same way. The camera lens sees everything on a single flat plane…  and that’s where the fun comes in!

Knowing this about our cameras, we can use its single eye to create images with a photographic illusion known as forced perspective.

CREATE: Let’s trick some eyes!


  • Camera – smart phones work great for forced perspective
  • Willing subjects – animate or inanimate

Step 1: Decide on a composition. Such as:

  • Holding or leaning on a landmark
  • Crushing or eating the sun/moon
  • Holding another person in one hand
  • A person stepping on another person
  • A toy that’s bigger than a person or pet

Step 2: Line up your shot. This part can be tricky, but is the most fun. Experiment with different poses for your subject, or move your camera until you get the desired effect. Don’t be afraid to take several shots to help you find the perfect positioning.Step 3: That’s it! Show off your work! You are now a master of forced perspective. Look for opportunities to play with your new skill and have fun with the way you see the world.

Now, show the world what you can do! Post your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #OVPhotoClub and #ForcedPerspective for a chance to be featured in our photo stream or on our website. Happy creating!

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